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SIF is the Sensitive Information Facility at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) meant for storing sensitive data. In particular this includes personal data requiring special care under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SIF delivers secure centralized storage space for various projects involving sensitive data and integrates safe sharing with other project participants.
As a user of SIF you should beware of the following:

  • When you create a new project for storing personal data or similar the Faculty Secretariat is automatically notified
  • Any login attempt is logged
  • Any access to data is logged along with your ID, time of day and other relevant information
  • Any access pattern that is considered "suspicious" will result in a suspension of your account

You are not under any circumstances allowed to share your account with anybody else. If other persons need access to your data they must have and use their own account to do so.
Examples of suspicious behavior may include:

  • Attempts to login from different internet addresses within a short time frame
  • Structured download of data
  • Attempts to circumvent security controls or access data to which you have no privilege

Please note that these rules are in place to protect you as a researcher and University of Copenhagen in general. We try hard to make the system as easy to use as possible, while always ensuring the required high level of security.
For now SIF use is limited to the faculty of Science, but it may be extended to all of UCPH in the future to support the general UCPH Data Management Guidelines.

Questions and Support

We've gathered information about SIF in a few short intro-guides and a more thorough user guide

Feel free to contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page in case you have any further questions or comments (in English or Danish). Unfortunately we do not have resources to offer video or phone support, but we typically reply on email the next working-day at the latest.

Status and News

You can always refer to our separate status and news overview for the latest ERDA/SIF system status as well as information about new or changed features.

Terms of Use

SIF comes with only few restrictions and they should be in line with basic common sense.
For the complete details please refer to the official terms of use always available from here, in addition to our site privacy and cookie policies linked at the bottom.